I’m going to teach you in one post how to streamline your entire Ad Strategy.

On your landing pages, create an embedded popup form with an offer that’s really good.

Use a form like Formtoro so that you can ask a few questions and include a coupon code that’s auto-applied to the cart.

Then ask a few questions with our live data collection.

Here’s a video of the above form:

“What about our ads made you visit today?”

and we ask

“Why are you in the market for our product category?”

Then we take those data points and look at what answers are driving the most revenue and conversion rates along with…this is important, this is the contextual information you need to make these decisions, this is the gap of most every software out there. (I’ll keep screaming about this!)

“What matters most to you in our product category?”

Guess what ads we create more of?

People make marketing way harder than in needs to be, like miles harder than it needs to be, if you have this information, create these ads, have a good offer, and you’re still not getting sales, you don’t have a feasible business.

This is a closed feedback loop that hedges against most risk of testing and worthless spend.

It’s not an attribution thing either, on the vast majority of paid networks you can’t actually control who sees your ads, that’s up to the platform.

Your goal is just to speak to the highest quality audience, that’s it.

If the messaging is good, it should work, if it aligns with what drives revenue and conversion but still isn’t showing results, tweak the messaging within the parameters to unlock something better for the audience.

Marketing agencies should literally just be paying for this out of pocket to use it. You’ll save 90% of your time and be more profitable.

You could literally outperform nearly every marketing agency with the above formula with way less effort.

For a full video of me explaining how to leverage data check out:

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