Ecommerce is hard.
If it was easy, everyone would be rich.

Let's make it easier.

Hi, I'm Jon Ivanco

I’ve been involved in marketing since 2004. I’ve held various roles over the course of my career before fully committing to the customer journey in the ecommerce space over the last 8 years.

I led marketing for LIFX from 2015-2019 helping them grow from sub $1m revenue to over $30m in revenue resulting in a $50m+ acquisition in less than 4 years.

Working with our largest partners, Amazon, Google, and Apple, and having access to customer device usage from cloud connected devices, I learned the importance of both the customer journey and data collection first hand.

It was enough for me to decide to start my own company, Formtoroa data collection and analytics company in the ecommerce space where we work with ecommerce companies to build customer journeys that convert.

I am currently helping a solo entrepreneur brand grow to $8 million in revenue all bootstrapped.

I believe in Data First Marketing.
I don't believe in guessing.

Here's what strangers on Reddit say about my content

Why strangers on Reddit?

They aren't paid to shill.

Want to really level up your skills and get a jumpstart on advanced strategies?

There are no shortcuts.
There are only solid fundamentals.

You probably have questions

You shouldn’t. Do your research as you would into any person that is offering to sell you a course.

You should click on the blueprint above and the checklist. You should give them both a read, and you should make your own decision about who you trust and what makes you trust them.

You should go to my LinkedIn link and you should look through all my old posts.

You should make your own decisions.

Really unsure, you can always send me an email at

I hate physical goods from a logistics perspective.

It’s more effective for me to partner with people and play to my strengths.

This could change in the future, I have some ideas, but I have enough people that reach out and offer me equity in businesses for it not to be a current focus for me.

My other interests lie in community, digital asset building, golf, and snowboarding.

I’m currently working on audience building (it’s likely how you came to this page).

There are other reasons and I’ll be completely transparent:

  1. The course examples are built using technology we have developed purpose built for Shopify stores using Klaviyo (our technology is in no way required, there are alternatives on the market)
  2.  I do currently have interests across stores that take up my time, I have full intentions of continuing to run those and profit
  3. I’ve been repeating myself to brands and agencies for years, a course is an easier way for me to service more clients without impacting my calendar
  4. After working with more than 50 agencies over the years, there is a huge gap in knowledge when it comes to the types of things I talk about
  5. A lot of people have asked me for my internal materials and playbook and told me they would pay for access
  6. I haven’t made enough money to retire (yet)

Largely trial and error over many years. Business fundamentals are something that aren’t properly taught these days, with the new age of “gurus” everyone sets out to make things seem way easier than they actually are.

If someone had massive success it’s a result of a few things, actual skill, or luck and timing.

When the economy tanks you start to see everyone that had “luck and timing” blaming things like the economy.

Guess what, there’s always opportunity, it’s rarely the economy that’s holding people back.

There are no guarantees in life.

I can confidently say that…

If you own a store with existing traffic and revenue, you’ll make your money back in less than a week following the advice in this course.

In fact the store I run made an extra $2,475.50 in the last 7 days using the same strategy taught in the course.

If you’re involved in marketing you’ll have a blueprint with explanation that you can take with you into any job now or in the future. The concepts taught are concepts I use everyday.

I do think that no matter who you are or how much experience you have you’ll gain insights.


You can checkout my newly formed Facebook group here: Data First Ecommerce with Jon Ivanco

If you’ve got questions this is a great place to ask them. It’s private to keep out the spam, but feel free to request access.

No, I’m all tapped out on that front. I have recently started a paid cohort though you can learn more at

This is a snapshot of our store for last 180 days. (current as of July 26, 2023)

When not out of stock of some of our best sellers our conversion rate averages over 8%.

Snapshots of my strategy applied in just 7 days

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