What is JaaS?

Get access to me per month for less than most brands spend on ads in a day.

Real ecommerce advice from someone that has actually done it and currently does it across all customer journey touchpoints for brands of all sizes.

Problem: People keep asking me for strategy advice about how to run parts of their business that go beyond things related to the Formtoro software.

Solution: Pay me a monthly subscription fee for me to answer any questions you have about marketing and ecommerce plus get access to all the courses and internal docs we use with clients.

The vast majority of questions that I answer daily for people don’t necessarily relate to Formtoro and data collection. Instead, I’m asked a lot about strategy related to ads, landing pages, product pages, emails, etc.

Most people are still learning the basics and understanding how KPIs work, we need to level that knowledge up before moving to advance data first strategies.

How does JaaS work?

Here’s my vision for JaaS:
(It’s what I wish I had when I was starting out)

✅ A safe space to ask questions directly 1:1.

✅ No one has to know you’re subscribed, I answer your questions, slack, videos, whatever 1:1.

✅ If you want to be part of the broader community, that’s an option for you too, but only if you want to be.

✅ Continual ongoing education added monthly to the internal documents based on testing we run on our own stores.

✅ Weekly office hours and bi-weekly 1:1 recorded video calls in the form of a Q&A sessions covering what’s come up over the course of the week generally – so everyone constantly benefits.

✅ Small capped 3 month minimum cohorts, there’s only so many hours in the day, cap will be 50 people.

Who is JaaS a great fit for?

This is a great fit for you if:

1. you run an agency and need experienced eyes on a strategy
2. you run a brand and need an outside resource without bias
3. you’re an employee of either in over your head or actively trying to learn but don’t have the structure in place or someone to turn to or that has the time to mentor you personally within your organization

This last bit is where I think most people will fall.

There’s 100% a gap in this market from all the conversations I’ve had with people and I think I can fill it for a lot of people.

What's included with JaaS?

I’ll throw in all my internal docs including in depth courses around popups, data collection, and customer journey touchpoints with more coming.

I’ll give you access to my internal playbook more than 50k words around building ecommerce plus you’ll get access to the actual resources I use with brands on a regular basis.

If you read my posts, you know that I would only offer this up if I believe I can provide real value.

This offering will evolve over time with new resources being added regularly.

How much does JaaS cost?

Pricing starts at $1,000 per month per person.

Limited to 50 people per cohort.

Minimum cohort subscription length 3 months.

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