Why Your Ecommerce Tech Stack Doesn’t Matter to Customers

– Customers do not care about the tech stack used in ecommerce.
– Many apps promise to increase revenue and conversion rates, but most do not deliver on their claims.
– Understanding business fundamentals and the customer journey is more important than adding new apps or a complicated tech stack.Focus on understanding business fundamentals and leveraging necessary tools to fill in the data necessary to understand the customer journey.Everyone is sharing their ecommerce tech stacks. Exactly ZERO customers give a flying you-know-what about your tech stack. In fact, most tools just aren’t needed at all. You don’t need a ton of apps to run a successful store. I could run an entire store for the customer journey with just email, a product purchase limiter, a bundle app, a reviews app, and a signup app with data collection. The data collection is the added bonus with Formtoro. We get revenue analysis, inventory analysis, ad performance, and customer journey gap analysis, so it fulfills a lot of needs. Could I do it without Formtoro? 100%. Would I do it without? Not in a million years. Most stores don’t need apps. Most would be better off just focusing on a good customer experience that, as we stated earlier, exactly ZERO customers care about your tech stack. There’s something in common with all these apps: they all promise to make you more money, a return on investment. So, by leaning into this, they have to justify the price they charge. Very few apps actually contribute to the customer journey. Because contributing to the customer journey comes from understanding data and applying it to visitors and your website. There’s nothing but a sea of apps that tell you that by downloading them, you’ll increase your revenue, conversion rates, average order value, and everything else in between. Reality check, if they all measured up to what they said, you’d have over a 100% conversion rate. Most of the underlying issues that impact success can’t be solved with apps. The truth is most stores are barely cracking 2%, and the highest performing are at around an 8% conversion rate. There are too many apps, too many signals, too many people trying to solve for things that aren’t problems. You don’t need loyalty to be successful, you need a good product that people purchase multiple times. You don’t need a quiz on your website, you need a better navigation menu. You don’t need to do cash back, you need to understand your unit economics. You don’t need a post-purchase survey, they already purchased. You don’t need attribution software, you need to understand where the gaps in your customer journey exist, no matter where a visitor comes from. Most apps are covering up for a lack of understanding of how to operate a business. Every week it’s a new app that’s being pitched to solve this MASSIVE PROBLEM that a store has and all the same shops sign on to give it a try to improve things. That massive problem is the vast majority of people don’t understand unit economics and how to build a proper customer journey. They don’t understand how to know if an audience is quality beyond if they purchased or not.It’s not about adding a new app or a complicated tech stack, it’s about understanding business fundamentals and leveraging tools where necessary to fill in the data necessary to understand the why behind decisions. Customer Journey > Company Journeyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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