Why Ecommerce Quizzes Are Useless for Product Recommendations

– Most ecommerce quizzes are ineffective and serve as a crutch for poor navigation and collection management on online stores.
– The answers provided by quizzes are often useless as customers typically go to the product page, read reviews, and compare multiple options before making a purchase.
– Quizzes should be used to create custom landing pages with thorough descriptions and explanations of recommended products, rather than simply providing the same results via email.Convert quiz results into longer form landing pages and use the highest converting answer combinations as landing pages for ads.Yesterday, I explained why most ecommerce quizzes suck and are really a crutch for bad navigation and collection management on stores. The fact is, most stores using quizzes don’t have enough products or questions to actually drill down and be any more helpful than a well-designed navigation menu. Now, my real problem with them is the uselessness of their answers. I’m not going to magically go through a quiz and just buy a product; I’m going to go to the product page, learn more about the product, read the reviews, and then decide which product to buy. I’m going to look at multiple products, not just one. I’m also going to look for multiple options within my answers and around them. So, why do all quizzes end with a product recommendation and a “buy now” or “add to cart” button? Wouldn’t it be better to select multiple options and then compare them? Why, if multiple products are recommended, am I not directed to a custom landing page featuring custom-made collection combinations with more thorough descriptions and explanations of why they were picked? Imagine for a second a landing page that said, “Because you said X and Y, we recommend blank because of its blank.” Context amazing. What if… Ecommerce kills me. This stuff isn’t hard; it just requires you to think about the customer journey and actually do work. Quizzes aren’t a zero-party data land grab (the data isn’t reliable for anything more than trend analysis because people take them multiple times); they are a tool that is supposed to help your customer find a few options and find a good fit for them. But I can honestly say, we don’t use them that way because what they really point to is a lack of solid website journeys. Want to know why this is the case? Because people use them to collect emails, then email them the exact same results, and the results lack context the vast majority of the time. Let’s fix it. Take your quiz results and convert them into longer-form landing pages (it’s the same template with reusable blocks like Legos). Use the highest converting answer combinations as landing pages for your ads (note that I didn’t say most popular answers). Drive your email traffic back to that same landing page from a CTA in your welcome series for those that didn’t go through the quiz. Time and time again, I see people that stop at just giving people the exact same results the quiz popped out as the email. This is a massive waste of an opportunity. It’s like someone telling you what they are looking for in a meal and you coming back to them with a menu with just items and no explanation why it’s a good fit, why you think it’s right from them based on their answers, and what wine you would suggest to pair with it. But this is the state of ecommerce, half assed and non-focused. Which means you don’t have to do much to stand out. Or better yet, just hire someone to work on your website navigation, odds are that’s going to do more for your conversion rate than a quiz. #ecommerce #quizzes #datahttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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