Why Brands Aren’t Talking About Zero Party Data

– Only companies with a zero party data solution are discussing zero party data, while brands are not actively talking about it as a strategy worth implementing.
– Many brands are currently using cobbled together systems and lack the appropriate resources to implement zero party data strategies.
– Brands often struggle to achieve their desired goals when attempting to cobble together tools for zero party data implementation.Brands should start considering and implementing zero party data strategies and allocate appropriate resources for its implementation.Irony – the only people talking about zero-party data are companies with a zero-party data solution. Brands don’t seem to be talking about it, which means it hasn’t really hit home as a strategy worth implementing yet. Or a strategy that they have the appropriate resources to implement. We know this from looking at what the vast amount of brands are currently doing and the cobbled-together systems that they are using. We also know this from talking to brands and watching them try to cobble together tools while failing to accomplish what they were looking to accomplish.

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