Webinar: 104 Slides to Inspire and Educate in a Post-Privacy World

– The webinar consists of 104 slides for a 45-minute duration.
– The slides primarily consist of questions to encourage critical thinking.
– The purpose of the webinar is to challenge and inspire viewers in a post-privacy world.Condense the 104 slides into a more concise and visually engaging presentation for the 45-minute webinar.Is 104 slides a bit overkill for a 45-minute webinar? Eh, maybe. We’ll see. Is it a mistake to go text-heavy, where most of the slides are actually questions to force people to think through the differences? Also, maybe, but I’ve always hated webinars that don’t pose questions to the viewers; they should inspire as well as educate. Is hammering some of these concepts home in a post-privacy world necessary to push people to rethink what’s possible? Absolutely. Today is the day, and there will be Q&A at 10 am PST.https://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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