Using Questions to Make Customers Reconsider Their Choices

– Asking thought-provoking questions about current behavior can be powerful in marketing.
– There is a substitute for every product on the market, and most people are already using one.
– Instead of talking about product features, marketers should ask questions that make people reconsider their current choices and become curious about finding something better.Rephrase product benefits into questions to make customers reconsider their current behavior and consider alternatives.There’s power in asking a question that makes people stop to think about their current behavior. There is a substitute for every product on the market. Most people are already using a substitute for the product that you’re selling. So, rather than talking at them about what your product does and what makes it better, feature after feature, instead start asking questions that cause them to reconsider what they are currently using and become curious about finding something better. It’s a small tweak to the narrative, but we want to seek out knowledge and substitutes for our current products only when we stop to think about an angle we didn’t previously consider. Every question begins with “why.” As a marketer, you need to understand only one thing: why is your visitor currently using one of your competitors? Rephrase all your product benefits into questions instead, and you’ll bring someone into a journey where you’re looking to make them reconsider the current behavior. #ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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