Using Data for Effective Marketing: Formtoro’s Data Driven Insights

– Formtoro helps companies collect, read, interpret, and use data effectively.
– The platform provides the ability to filter and analyze data by answer combinations, revenue, number of orders, and conversion rates.
– Marketers, media buyers, email marketers, and CRO professionals can benefit from the platform’s features to make data-driven decisions and drive growth.Utilize the Data Driven Insights feature in Formtoro to collect, read, interpret, and use data effectively in marketing strategies.So I get that Formtoro helps me collect data through my popups. But… “How do I USE the data that I collect?” We get this question a lot from both big and small companies. This is a totally valid question and points out the largest gap across all companies and agencies: people aren’t taught how to properly collect, read, interpret, and use data. The first three are the biggest hurdles. If you can help people collect, read, and interpret data, the use becomes more clear. As marketers, there’s a lot of guessing, often too much. For a lot of companies, the quality of the data they have access to isn’t timely, intent-oriented, complete, etc. We set out to solve this and democratize the ability for marketers to collect the highest intent data, to read and interpret data easily so they can actually put it to use. We just launched Data Driven Insights in Formtoro, where we let you filter by answer and answer combinations, adding context to the answers collected with revenue, number of orders, and conversion rates by answer. We rolled out this capability across our entire platform so you can see these results all together, by individual signup form, by Campaign, Ad Set, even down to an individual Ad.

For all you media buyers – if you wanted to know the conversion rate by answer combination on a specific ad, you can now. Trying a new angle? Want to see if it’s hitting? Understand with actual data if you’re attracting the right audience.

For all you email marketers – you can build segments on the fly with things that are tied to real metrics that matter, with recommendations dynamically populated as you filter. Build an entire email strategy with just a few clicks. No more just randomly proposing campaigns or wondering what changes to make to your flows.

CRO people, it’s incredibly easy now to plan experiments where you can segment a specific group and test while comparing conversion rates over two time periods, down to the source of the traffic. Better yet, you’ll know the potential upside before you get started.

Expand the image for a preview.

Be a REAL data-driven marketer. Zero party data with context, relational mapping, and advice. We’ve done the grunt work for you, so you can stop spending time trying to figure out what to do and instead just take action to drive growth.

Are you a brand or an agency that’s looking to be data-driven?

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