Upgrade Your Signups: From Compass to Map

– Relying solely on a compass is outdated and inefficient in today’s technology-driven world.
– Multistep signups provide a more effective and efficient way to navigate and reach a desired destination.
– Using a map with landmarks and suggested paths, rather than just a compass, can help users find their destination quicker during signups.Implement multistep signups to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the signup process.There are very few situations where you would rely on just a compass today. We have maps, GPS, and mobile phones. Yet asking someone for just an email or phone number during signup is essentially using a compass. The technology hasn’t changed in more than a decade. Stop using a compass to understand what general direction to go, use a map with landmarks and suggested paths. This is what multistep signups accomplish. They move you from a compass to a map. It will help you find your destination quicker. #data #signups #ecommercehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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