Unpopular Ecommerce Predictions for 2023: Rethinking Marketing Strategies

– Focus on the customer journey rather than attribution to improve results in ecommerce.
– Email subscription to conversion should be the main metric for determining product market fit.
– Direct ads to landing pages instead of product pages for better user experience.Re-evaluate marketing strategies and prioritize the customer journey over attribution, ROAS, quizzes, landing pages, post-purchase surveys, SMS, UGC ads, LTV and CAC, memberships and loyalty, and upsells after checkout. Focus on what benefits the customer journey rather than the company journey.I’m going to make some really unpopular predictions for 2023 and e-commerce about the things I’d like to see change.

1. The obsession with attribution. Attribution only really matters when you have a rock-solid customer journey that fills in gaps at all touchpoints. Focus on the customer journey, and your results will increase. Then go back to attribution by channel and look at the creative.

2. ROAS is a waste of thought process. Email subscription to conversion will likely become the only metric that tells you if you have product-market fit.

3. Quizzes shouldn’t show just product images as results. Someone is making the effort to provide you information, so show them a well-crafted landing page that tells them about their suggestions.

4. Landing pages, like quiz landing pages, need to be the end of directing ads to product pages in 2023. Send them all to landing pages.

5. Post-purchase surveys should lose relevance. For trend analysis, they are great, but for being relied upon for anything other than that, alone statistically, they just aren’t that reliable.

6. SMS should be reconsidered. The market is entirely saturated, and the ways we collect are entirely clogging up the customer journey. I don’t want to give you my phone number, but I would like a coupon. You keep making me leave the website to find one. The numbers are steep on this trend.

7. UGC ads as the only way to go. I see a lot of accounts out there, and people swear by UGC. I think it’s a good addition, not the only way to go.

8. People need to stop talking about LTV and CAC. You can’t control LTV. The LTV of a customer is completely dependent on the person’s experience with the product, their use of the product, and their actual need for more products that you make. You can’t control any of these things.

9. Memberships and loyalty, unless you’re a marketplace, this is a fad. It’s just not how people actively participate with brands. People will join for the savings, then drop out.

10. Upsells after checkout. Why offer me a better deal after I’ve made a decision? It seems a little weird. Give me the best deal possible so I can take advantage of it while I’m shopping.

These are the things I’d like to see smart marketing teams re-evaluate as they head into 2023. Bring on the disagreement, but as you’re responding tell me why you disagree and how it’s actually better for the customer journey v. the company journey. #ecommerce #predictions #strategyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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