Unlocking Value: Optimize Ecommerce Sign-Up Choices for Better Data

– Ecommerce websites often offer the option for customers to sign up with just their email and phone number, without gathering additional information.
– However, the second option, which includes asking for the customer’s product interests, preferences, and purchasing habits, provides valuable data that can improve the customer journey and overall business performance.
– Despite the perception that the second option may be more demanding, it actually has a high completion rate and can lead to significant positive changes in the business.Implement the second sign-up option that includes asking for the customer’s product category of interest, preferences, and purchasing behavior to gather valuable data and improve the customer journey.E-commerce sign-up choices: Email and Phone Number or Email and Phone Number. Product category the customer is most interested in. What matters most to the customer in the products they purchase. How often they purchase those products. When they are looking to purchase.

I don’t know about you, but it’s easier to craft a message to the second group. It’s easier to retarget the second group, and it’s easier to build a journey for the second group. That second group provides data that can be used to improve the customer journey for everyone; the first one doesn’t. Yet, most e-commerce websites go with a version of option number 1. Don’t be that company; recognize a simple change to unlock massive value and recoup a sunk cost where 50% of people will never open your emails, and 25% of your list will churn without you understanding anything about them. Although the second option looks like it’s asking a lot because it’s being asked at a point of intent after someone has subscribed, it has a 95% completion rate. Doesn’t get much easier than that to make real change in your business. #ecommerce #marketing #datahttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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