Unlocking the Power of Zero Party Intent Data for Smart Brands

– Formtoro believes that smart brands should base their business decisions on zero party intent data.
– The company uses ads to understand the quality of audiences and ads, as it is a common and effective way to reach people and test message impact.
– By leveraging data, Formtoro aims to identify and solve issues in the customer journey, helping marketing teams allocate resources and prioritize tasks more effectively.The key action item is to prioritize resource allocation and prioritize tasks based on their direct impact on revenue and growth.At Formtoro, we’ve been working towards a shift that we think will be inevitable. Smart brands will start making all their business decisions around zero-party intent data. Over the past year, we’ve been working towards the ability to move to a model where we use data collected from subscribers to understand the quality of audiences and ads. We use ads for a few reasons: 1. Pretty much every brand is spending money on them. 2. It’s the truest form of putting a message out in front of people and testing its impact. 3. It’s a cleaner customer journey that you can control in terms of flow to pages. 4. It includes a cross-section of people at different stages of the customer journey. It’s not the data collected in the dashboards that we have, but what comes next that is most interesting to me. By leveraging enough data, we can find patterns that point to issues in the customer journey, and we can use our internal documents to work towards solving them. We’re solving for resource allocation and prioritization for marketing teams, which is the hardest part of any small business or small team. It’s also a massive amount of salaries and time wasted when focusing on things that don’t matter. We’re unlocking gaps to help people discover what to spend their time on. Imagine being able to prioritize things in the order they provide a direct impact on your revenue and growth. It’s almost like having a roadmap to optimization built-in. Is there work required? Absolutely. There’s no magic app for improving the customer journey. But we are an app that will change your mind about how you’re currently allocating your time. #marketing #ecommerce #strategyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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