Unlocking Revenue: Data Collection Platform for Ecommerce Agencies

– Data collection platform for ecommerce companies
– Helps agencies and brands unlock more value and insights
– Allows for segmentation of lists in new ways and goes beyond dashboards to uncover potential behind the numbersExplore the data collection platform for ecommerce companies to unlock more value and gain insights for agencies and brands.We’ve built a data collection platform for e-commerce companies geared towards helping agencies and brands unlock more value. We ingest the data, do a lot of the heavy lifting, and let agencies get nice, clean bits of insights to leverage. We are not an agency; we’re the cheat codes for an agency to unlock more revenue, testing, and upsells within their clients. Segment your lists in ways not possible before when it matters. There’s so much more potential in any brand account, beyond the dashboards and into what’s behind the numbers. We’re here to get you behind the numbers. If you’re an email agency or you work for one and you follow me, I’d love to show you what we’re working on. It will open up your clients to what’s possible. #data #email #ecommercehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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