Unlocking Customer Insights: The Power of Data Collection

– Combined pre-purchase and post-purchase data tells a full story about customers
– Formtoro allows for clean data collection and understanding of customers through frictionless forms
– Questions are an opening to a relationship and should be used to treat customers like real people, not just statsUtilize clean data collection and combined pre-purchase and post-purchase data to better understand customers and start personalized conversations with them.So here’s something really cool. Combined pre-purchase and post-purchase data that tells a full story. (This is created with real data) Bob signed up at an underwear store and told us he preferred trunks, usually wears a size medium. What mattered most to him was a good front pouch. He didn’t know what micromodal fabric was and was looking to make a purchase today. Bob decided to purchase a 3-pack of trunks, went with a size small after reading through the descriptions, and is looking forward to lounging in luxury. He purchased because he is just trying new things and spends most of his time on Facebook as his social network. His purchase unlocked a free $15 gift card which he will be able to use when he comes back or to introduce someone new to the brand. From the data collection to the unlocking of the gift card, everything was done with Formtoro. Imagine this story for all of your customers. What would you do with this data? How would you start a conversation with this customer? It’s a bit easier than bob@email.com. He heard about you on Facebook. This is why we build what we build, no guessing, no assuming, just clean data collection that allows us to better understand our customers through our frictionless forms. No need to hit submit after every question, everything automatically combined, no emails needed on post-purchase to combine the data. Customer Journey v. Company Journey. I’ve seen a lot of question banks from companies that are trying to show immediate value, but that’s not what questions are about. They are an opening to a relationship aimed at starting a conversation while allowing you to better understand your customers. Treat them like people, like real people, not stats. #marketing #strategy #data #ecommercehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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