Unlock Revenue with Data-Driven Email Marketing Strategy

– Formtoro and Klaviyo are two key tools for email agencies to specialize in and build successful empires.
– The focus should be on increasing the subscription to conversion rate, which is a new metric that can unlock additional revenue and increase customer lifetime value.
– A data-driven strategy, incorporating personalized flows and tracking key answers, can lead to significant improvements in subscription to conversion rates and overall campaign success.Implement a data-driven strategy using Formtoro and Klaviyo to personalize welcome series and abandon cart flows, track subscription to conversion rates, and increase the frequency of relevant emails to improve the subscription to conversion rate and increase lifetime value of customers.Most email agencies could specialize in just two flows and build empires using just Formtoro and Klaviyo. Formtoro is used to collect relevant data during signup, while Klaviyo is used for a Personalized Welcome Series and Abandoned Cart Flow. We often discuss the percentage of revenue that should come from email marketing, but we rarely talk about the percentage of subscription to conversion rate that should be achieved. Revenue is cool, but it’s even cooler to get the product in the hands of customers and unlock increased Lifetime Value. This is going to be the new metric to pay attention to, and the answer won’t come from A/B testing content in a flow using the existing data you have. If you want to avoid additional discounting, you need a data-driven strategy. These two flows target people at their highest intent points to purchase. There is a strategy that can combine these two things and unlock massive additional revenue for companies. We’ve been slowly building Formtoro out to better understand customer behavior relevant to data and make it easier for companies to find insights. This has allowed us to create a framework that we think is unbeatable. Here’s how it works:
1. Ask specific questions during signup that are relevant to the customer journey.
2. Build personalized flows for those audiences, incorporating previous customer reviews that are relevant to the data provided during signup.
3. Increase the frequency of emails that are relevant to the data around conversion time intervals.
4. Track subscription to conversion rates across key answers.
It’s not all done for you, but the framework is created so you can accurately track what’s working and what’s not working. Before even personalizing, we watched a company increase its subscription to conversion rate from 20% to 24% in 30 days. For those of you who understand percentages, that’s a nearly 20% improvement in 30 days. This is great positioning for any agency, but it requires a lot of work and experts, the kind you outsource work to. The results are measurable. Instead of focusing on revenue or increasing open rates or click-through rates, you can work on a KPI that not only brings direct revenue but also increases the Lifetime Value of that customer over the long haul. This is new stuff that will take time to learn. It’s not personalization like everyone has been talking about, you looked at a product, I’ll send you suggestions relative to that, no this is real data strategy personalization that results in multiple welcome series and multiple abandon cart flows. But this is where all the money comes from.Want to make more money from all your campaigns, convert more people at these two super high touch points. Purchasers are the ones that make you all the real money down the line.This is the future of email marketing, the KPI of subscription to conversion.#ecommerce #strategy #emailmarketinghttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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