Unify Your Zero Party Data for Better Insights and Strategy

– Using multiple tools to collect and track zero party data is inconvenient and lacks real reporting tied to the bottom line.
– Switching to one platform that can unify data collection and provide insights is beneficial.
– Working with experts in the field who understand how to interpret and utilize data can help build effective strategies.Combine all zero party data collection into one tool to gain insights and unify data.You know what sucks? Using three different tools to collect and track zero-party data. One for quizzes, one for sign-ups, and one for post-purchase surveys – hell, even one for surveys. All that data is in different places with different reporting, and none of it is tied into your bottom line with real reporting. You know what doesn’t suck? When you can switch to one platform that can do all of these things and unify your data. You know what else doesn’t suck? When it’s done for you, and the person doing it (hint: it’s me) knows how to help you interpret, understand, and utilize the data to build a strategy. Stop buying one-off services thinking you’re gaining insights. Combine all your zero-party data collection in one tool and actually get insights. Want to unify your zero-party data and work with experts in the space who have actually worked in eCommerce? Book a meeting with me. Still not sure how data can help you? Book a meeting with me anyway – all my meetings are conversations, not sales pitches. We know the value of unified, clean data. We’ve been building systems for years with this methodology. It’s a “when,” not an “if,” for brands. #ecommerce #data #strategyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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