Understanding the Customer Journey: Pain Points, Purchase, and Usage

– The company journey focuses on the pain point that the brand emphasizes.
– The customer journey presale involves the actual reason someone buys the product.
– The customer journey post sale involves the actual usage of the product and ensuring it meets expectations.Understand the timing, purpose, value, and opportunity that customers consider when making purchasing decisions in order to effectively market and sell products.The company journey – the pain point that the brand hypes up. The customer journey presale – the actual reason someone bought the product. The customer journey post-sale – the actual usage of the product and checking to see that it matches. People don’t buy products to solve pain points. Controversial, I know. But think about it, if I have a problem, I have choices of what to buy to solve that problem. It’s a matter of timing, purpose, value, and opportunity. Wait, what? Timing – Do I currently have a problem? Do I need an immediate solution or another solution? Purpose – What is the intended use of this product? Will I use it daily or only for specific activities? Value – What things do I value most in this solution? What do I care about most? Opportunity – Do I have access to something that previously didn’t exist? Is this a priority for me to obtain it? All of these have separate questions under them that are useful to go over and understand. #marketing #customerjourney #ecommercehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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