Understanding the Customer Journey: Key Insights for Ecommerce Marketing

– The customer’s purchasing decisions are primarily influenced by their experience with the product, rather than post-purchase flows or discounts.
– The customer is not interested in receiving text messages from brands and does not read most marketing emails.
– The customer values customization options, good website navigation, and the ability to wait for sales or discounts before making a purchase.Ensure that marketing efforts are focused on providing a positive customer experience with the product, rather than relying solely on post-purchase flows or discounts.Let’s talk about the customer journey for a second. Here are some facts about my personal buying habits:

1. I’ve never repurchased something based on a post-purchase flow. It has always been about my experience with the product.
2. I’ve never purchased something based on a discount in an email that also didn’t have good timing for me to need it.
3. I’ve never opted into receiving text messages from a brand.
4. I have signed up for a discount.
5. I have added things to the cart and waited to see if there was a discount.
6. I have emailed companies when shipping was too expensive as a percentage of a purchase, and I didn’t want to buy anything else. (I found $2 stickers to get me to a free shipping threshold when I was $4 away and shipping was $20.)
7. I’ve never purchased a gift card at a branded store that wasn’t a marketplace like Target or Amazon.
8. I don’t read 99% of marketing emails because they are all trying to sell me something. I read 100% of the ones that aren’t. Shout out to Scott at Bad Birdie for the quality content.
9. I don’t care about packaging. In fact, when I see nice packaging, I wonder if the price could have been cheaper if you allocated the budget differently. Amazon even has generic packaging for goods as an option for less money.
10. I will answer questions on a website if it’s linked to a reward.
11. I will never participate in a spin-to-win popup. It looks cheesy and makes me lose respect for your website. If I were to get less than the top prize, I’d be pissed knowing that I left something on the table.
12. I’ve left carts where the shipping was more than 20% of the price of the good.
13. I like buying things off eBay. I like the search functionality.
14. I don’t buy things that don’t fit in with a lifestyle or hobby. I spend the majority of my money on golf-related things, but I buy all my clubs used.
15. I love to browse with absolutely no intention of purchasing.
16. I own shoes I’ve never worn. I like shoes.
17. I have multiple colorways in the same shoe style (see number 16).
18. I spend more money on my basics, but when I find a brand, it’s hard for me to
19. If you market to me at the right time with something that I like. I’ll likely purchase, else I’ll look and be curious but most of the time I’m just judging
20. I have become frustrated and left websites that are too tough to navigate. I still think eCommerce sites are bad.
21. I will stalk a product and wait for a sale or end of season
22. If I can make it custom I will, most of the time it’s cheaper than retail and 100% my style. Now go put together your list and see how much of your marketing is aimed at doing the exact opposite of your customer journey. #ecommerce #marketing #customerjourneyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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