Uncovering overlooked gaps in marketing data for better segmentation

– The work involves analyzing marketing data to find correlations and improve segmentation.
– The focus is on identifying overlooked gaps in addressing customer needs.
– Recent data is crucial for making decisions and running tests, with a two-week period often considered most relevant in B2C ecommerce.Regularly analyze and update your data to make informed decisions and drive improvements in your marketing and business strategy.A lot of what we do is nerdy marketing data. We look for correlations between data points that allow us to tell a deeper story, better segment people, and understand how that segmentation should drive improvement across an organization. It’s boring. It’s not fun new ads, it’s not new creative, it’s not driving massive immediate upticks in sales… It’s real work, real business strategy, and progressive gains. We do the real work that’s repeatable. We spend most of our time looking for overlooked gaps. Things that brands and people take for granted that they aren’t properly addressing in a meaningful way. But we’re nerdy people when it comes to a data set, we love big ugly data sets that most people wouldn’t touch or know what to do with. Data goes stale though, this is something I didn’t fully understand until I really dove in. Most of your decisions are made on the most recent data you have. They should be. If you’re making improvements or changes, the only data that matters is the most recent. Now, time periods for recent data can vary, but we usually look at a week or two-week period to judge movement. Buying cycles in B2C e-commerce make 14 days the most relevant to run tests on. We’ve been collecting data around this, and let’s just say some of the key points of customer interaction and best practices are going to be massively questioned moving forward. #marketing #ecommerce #strategyhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jivanco

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