Trust data, prioritize revenue, and improve customer journey in marketing

– Trusting what someone says without context is not advisable.
– Prioritizing resources and experience on a website should be based on real revenue, order count, and conversion data.
– Marketers should focus on the customer journey and data provided by customers, rather than relying on assumptions and wonky attribution.Prioritize collecting data that is relevant to real revenue, order count, and conversion data in order to make informed decisions and improve marketing strategies.Just because someone says something, doesn’t mean you should trust it. When you’re collecting data, you have to have context regarding the behavior relevant to actual things like revenue, orders, and conversion rate. Here’s a screenshot that makes it pretty clear how to prioritize resources and experience on a website relevant to real revenue, order count, and conversion data. I added “Shop the look” without telling them last week because psychologically that’s how a lot of people want to shop. Virtual Try on and quiz at the bottom doesn’t really surprise me. It’s never really been something that’s been required to make a choice, assuming there’s enough of the other things. No, I’m not trying to dismantle the very frameworks that countless marketers keep swearing by. Instead, I’m doing what I always do, focusing on the customer journey and data contextually to what customers are providing. But it is a step that a lot of marketers just don’t take. They would rather assume and trust some wonky attribution in the app that is geared towards making them feel good about a large subscription purchase. Every marketer deserves better insights. Also, this represents a smaller subset of all the visitors, but the trend we typically see is that people are just trying to see themselves in products so they can make more informed decisions. Things are going to get weird when people start seeing more of this data. It’s about to change budgets and have people canceling a lot of the programs they are currently using to “collect data” because all that data comes in without any context. P.S. Stay tuned for later this week, I’m going to drop a link to access some of our internal docs around the customer journey, the kind of CRO checklist that lifts conversions across all visitors. #marketing #ecommerce #strategy

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