Trends in data analysis and the importance of KPIs

– People often overlook intent signals and focus solely on data points, leading to a lack of understanding.
– Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are becoming more important in analyzing data trends.
– Proper interpretation of data requires expertise and an understanding of the relationship between different variables.Focus on specific things and make iterative changes rather than making wholesale major changes.Trends in data, leading indicators, lagging indicators. I see this a lot; people are looking at data in a vacuum and they don’t understand intent signals across a data set. The trend is to look at Key Performance Indicators rather than the other data points that influence them. The bigger problem is that people can’t figure out attribution of things that change. Creating experiments with multiple variables will crush you; whenever possible, focus on specific things and make iterative changes. You should never wholesale make major changes. There are tons of leading and lagging indicators that don’t directly play into common KPIs, which can uncover issues with websites, customer journeys, and future outcomes. Data can help you tell the future if you know how to read it. No two people will look at data the same way, and everyone is looking for data to provide them with a clear answer. It doesn’t work this way. You need to have expertise within the space to be able to interpret data properly. Real data analysis is complicated. Everything is related. Focus on the why. Happy Friday. #marketing #strategy #ecommerce

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