The Rise of Aggregators: A Solution for Small DTC Brands

– Single store DTC brands with limited selections will struggle as costs rise.
– Aggregators are becoming a popular trend in response to rising acquisition costs.
– Niche communities and co-ops of smaller brands have a great opportunity to drive growth and offset costs.Collaborate with other smaller brands to form a niche community and operate as a collection of stores to drive growth and offset costs.Single-store DTC brands with limited selections will have an uphill battle as costs continue to rise. That’s why aggregators are a trend that is fast approaching. Trend prediction: Brands will want to remain independent, but acquisition costs will continue to rise, putting a lot of strain on smaller brands with smaller followings. If your email list is below 50k or not engaged, it will be difficult to continue to scale. There is a massive opportunity for niche communities to sprout up, combine resources, and operate more like a collection of stores operating as co-ops. Families of smaller brands working together to drive growth while offsetting costs. #ecommerce #datafirst #marketing

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