The Problem with Using Names for Personalization in Marketing

– Using a customer’s first name does not personalize their journey and is not valuable in decision making.
– Personalization should be based on behavior or insights directly related to the customer’s journey.
– Using a customer’s name before they have made a purchase is creepy and should be avoided.Focus on personalization that is based on customer behavior and insights related to their customer journey, rather than simply using their name.A first name isn’t personalization. My name is not part of my customer journey. Using my name doesn’t “personalize” my journey. It’s creepy and provides no value to the decision-making of my customer journey. I don’t care about any past studies from the early 2000s that say otherwise. Personalization done properly is related to behavior or insights provided to you directly related to my customer journey. Want to use my name after I’ve purchased? Go for it. Try to collect it and use it before I’ve purchased? It’s just plain weird. Stop asking. You get it if and when I do purchase. #personalization #data #ecommerce

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