The Problem with NFTs: Friction and Lack of Utility

– NFTs have significant friction points that make it difficult for the average person to get started and recognize value in them.
– The perceived value in NFTs run by brands is focused on sales, leading to skepticism and uncertainty among buyers.
– The solution proposed is to create an exchange where data is exchanged instead of money, fostering a community and removing the need for immediate value or funds in wallets.Build an exchange platform that allows brands to airdrop NFTs to customers, focusing on building relationships and demonstrating utility, in order to remove friction and make NFTs more accessible to the average person.NFTs have a huge problem that is being ignored. There’s too much friction for the average person to get started with them and to recognize value in them. There are friction points on wallet creation, distribution of funds to the wallet, utility of the wallet, and network dependence. There are also friction points on the NFT side, such as the creation of designs, minting, distribution (marketing/launching minting), and utility. The perceived value in NFTs being run by brands (really agencies) is all focused on the sale, which makes them a money grab with many people following the hype and getting burned or feeling uneasy about what they actually spent money on. The rewards are all similar with roadmaps but no guarantees. Instead, I don’t see this as the future of NFTs; it’s the company’s journey, not the customer’s journey. As a customer, most of the time I don’t see utility in the drops or immediate value. This is a gap that needs to be bridged. We think the solution is an exchange. Instead of money, it’s data. Instead of a one-way conversation, it’s a community. Instead of having to buy or mint an NFT for a brand, they should all just be airdropped with the brand paying. Build the relationship, show the utility, and then look to unlock greater experiences down the road. Remove the need for someone to have any funds in their wallet. Remove the need for immediate value as no value is exchanged, and position the average person to start their journey with NFTs without friction. We’re building the future we want to see, to solve for distribution and onboarding through frictionless forms. The video is real, it works, and the future is a combination of Data Collection + Community all built on top of NFTs. #nfts #datacollection #ecommerce #marketing

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