The Problem with Following Best Practices in Marketing

– The customer journey has become too transactional and lacks genuine conversation.
– Many “experts” in the digital agency world lack original thinking and simply repeat what they have heard from others.
– Following “best practices” may not always be effective, as the majority of website visitors, email recipients, and potential customers may not engage or make purchases.Focus on having genuine conversations with customers rather than treating interactions as transactions.”Welcome to the Family/Tribe/Whatever.” We’ve bastardized the customer journey to the point where we’ve made everything into a transaction and the same. I’m waiting for more regulation with SMS, and some company to get fined more than they already have. Email needs to turn the corner and go back to an actual conversation rather than some corporate bullshit trying to be something they aren’t. Will it happen? Not likely. People are too caught up in the newest hype train event rather than paying attention to their own behaviors. Do I wish it would happen? 100%. Every. Single. Day. Ads aren’t tough, email isn’t tough, the entire customer journey isn’t tough, it just requires everyone to pull their collective heads out of the sand and stop reading into what every “expert” is saying. I read stuff from people on social media on a regular basis about what brands should be doing and why they should hire them as their agency. The problem is, they all repeat stuff that they heard from someone else. No one is doing anything new. It’s the same talking points. It appears that few, if any, are capable of thinking for themselves. The collective lack of experience across most of the digital agency world, in combination with the lack of diversity outside of singular channels, is staggering. If you have nothing set up, then doing something is better than nothing. If you have something set up, then improving it usually isn’t too tough (just mind the unit economics). If you have something humming and doing really well, watch as agency upon agency and expert upon expert fail left and right. Most “experts” are only good at regurgitating the basics to people that have existing deficiencies in their models. In fact, that’s the dirty secret behind “free audits” that they provide; they are looking for gaps that are easy to fill and give them the best chance at success. They aren’t thinking 24 months out about things and where markets are going. Real talk here: 90% of people will be new to your website on any given day. 50% of people will never open a single email you send. 95%+ will never buy something from you. So why are we so consumed with following the advice of a bunch of people that keep preaching “best practices”? Seriously, if they were amazing and all the best practices they suggested worked so well, don’t you think they would be out there running businesses instead of instead of just providing services? I’ve told you why I don’t run an ecommerce brand have they? I have a full software company, they have “internal processes” and “experience with other software”. Seems to me like running companies might be a good thing for most agencies that claim to know what they are doing as they don’t own anything proprietary other than “processes” that are all pretty much cookie cutter. #ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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