The Problem with Ecommerce: Lack of Information for Purchases

– Lack of sufficient information on product pages hindered the author’s ability to make a purchase.
– The author is unlikely to reach out to customer support for clarification.
– The author will rely on external sources, such as Google or YouTube, for more in-depth reviews before making a purchasing decision.Improve the product pages by providing more detailed information to potential customers.I clicked on an email the other day for an ecommerce company. I went to the product page, and I wanted to love it. I did love it. The problem was that there wasn’t enough information for me to make a purchase. The second problem was that on other product pages, more information was there, but it still wasn’t enough, so I had to leave the page without buying anything. Am I going to reach out to their support to ask my questions? Nope. Will I stay subscribed to their newsletter? Likely. Will I be able to make a decision on purchasing something without doing a Google search or a YouTube search for a review that’s more in-depth than what’s on their product page? Nope. Did I just stop to do a Google search, and it came up empty? Yup. The problem with ecommerce is in the details. I can’t read a tag online. If I can’t read a tag, you better tell me what’s on it. There are so many gaps across so many brands. Keep spending money on those ads, people 😉 UPDATE: #ecommerce #strategy

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