The Problem with Dumb Marketing Agencies: Lack of Logical Reasoning

– The author criticizes agencies for lacking logical reasoning and relying on guessing and testing in marketing.
– The author emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision making and understanding the difference between correlation and causation.
– The author suggests asking agencies about their goals, how their proposed actions will achieve those goals, and what data they will collect to measure success.Demand logical reasoning and data-backed strategies from marketing agencies before implementing any initiatives.I see a lot of dumb stuff on a daily basis, most of it from agencies. Real marketing isn’t just guessing and testing. In fact, if you’re really doing marketing, there isn’t much guessing at all, and a lot of testing you do, you already know is going to work. The problem: Logical reasoning isn’t something that is taught outside of philosophy and law. And it’s abundantly clear that these two educational pieces don’t make their way into marketing agencies as much as they should. The biggest issues I see are not understanding the difference between correlation and causation and tracking KPIs in isolation that don’t matter without context or where context is implied with a misunderstanding of correlation and causation. If you’ve worked with me, you know I am very demanding and data-first. I’m a no bullshit person, you better have solid reasoning for wanting to do something that can be backed by data. If there’s no data, you better collect some before you decide to spend time on something. In short, don’t waste time and resources. The problem is when I work with companies, they want me to work with their agencies, and this is where I experience dumb first-hand. The number of dumb agencies out there is staggering, and the amount of resources spent on initiatives with no data blows my mind. They work to look busy no matter the outcome. The longer I’ve been working in e-commerce, the more I’ve come to realize that a disproportionate amount of my time is wasted trying to explain basic fundamental business concepts around logical reasoning that people have absolutely zero concept about. Case in point, how many agencies have flip-flopped on strategies over the last four years? Are constantly wanting to become CRO experts? Always running A/B tests? Offering testing? We’ve heard about iOS changes, the pandemic, recession, inflation, new confidence scales, attribution issues, and the list goes on… This is the stupidest stuff I’ve ever heard. These things shouldn’t impact your business strategy if it was any good. Build on a data-first mentality, customer journey, and unit economics. These things will never change. Here’s how we can do better: Ask every agency the following questions before they do anything. “What’s your goal?” Then follow it with: “How will the actions you’re proposing accomplish that goal?” Hint: More revenue isn’t an answer. This is where most people tell you they have to test. If there isn’t a definitive hypothesis and concrete rationale that’s backed in data that goes along with the above statement, they are guessing. Stop guessing. Lastly follow up with “What data will you collect to let you know if something is working?” More than 80% of the time there is no logical reasoning used or ability for clean measurement.I’m tired of bullshit from “experts” that have built a career on brands that already had product market fit. These guys and gals say some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever read. Rant over .#marketing #rant #ecommerce

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