The Problem with Attribution in Ecommerce: Focus on Customer Journey

– Attribution is overhyped in ecommerce and often misunderstood.
– The problem with low conversion rates is not the channel or ads, but a lack of understanding the customer journey.
– Instead of focusing on attribution, brands should focus on creating a strong product offering and customer journey to increase conversion rates.Focus on creating the best on website journey possible to increase conversion rates and understand your customer better.The most overhyped thing that people don’t understand in e-commerce is attribution. Why do people focus on it? Because conversion rates are so low that people are grasping for anything that might give them an advantage in knowing where to spend their money. I’ve watched hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on ads when the ads themselves aren’t the problem, nor is the channel. If you have a strong product offering, a great customer journey, and a comprehensive product page, you should see equal sales across all your channels because then you’re building a brand, not just searching to attribute sales to a channel. Will the audience per channel vary? Maybe. Will there be more similarities than differences across the audience that interacts? I’d bet a lot of money on it. 9 times out of 10, the problem isn’t the channel; the problem is actually a combination of many things, but it all comes down to understanding the customer journey. This is missing for most brands. Product-Market Fit is required for success. But once you find product-market fit, that market part is what people try to find on repeat. Attribution is not the answer here. Instead, focus on nothing but increasing your conversion rate by building something of value. Having a clear understanding of your customer is the answer. But if you don’t know who your customer is (most people don’t have a way of quantifying this in data), you run into the same situation that others have: it’s a lot of guessing and assuming, all of which requires a lot of testing to see minor improvements. So pause on the quest for attribution and start focusing on creating the best on-website journey possible to give your ads and channels the best chance of producing results. Not sure where to start? Try collecting some data from your customers to learn what matters to them and how that journey should look like. #ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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