The Power of Zero Party Intent Data

– Collecting and implementing zero party intent data gives a competitive advantage in the game of marketing.
– It allows businesses to have a better understanding of customer preferences and intentions.
– Utilizing this data can lead to increased success in ecommerce and marketing strategies.Collect and implement zero party intent data to gain a competitive advantage in marketing and ecommerce.Collecting and implementing zero-party intent data is like playing poker where you can see everyone else’s cards. You’re not guaranteed a win always, but you’ll be in a better position to win as a result of knowing what everyone else is holding. Today, most people play without knowing what everyone’s cards are. At best, you can just hope to read people well enough to have a predictive outcome happen in your favor. If you ask me, I’m playing the game where I can see everyone’s cards. If you can gain an advantage that sets you up for success, why not? #data #ecommerce #marketing

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