The Power of Technology for Entrepreneurship Today

– The speaker graduated from UC Davis in 2006 and is now returning to talk to students about entrepreneurship.
– The speaker reflects on how different the college experience was back then, with limited resources and technology compared to today.
– The speaker believes that the current generation of students has incredible access to technology and social platforms, and when they learn to leverage it, they will be unstoppable in disrupting markets.Leverage the access and opportunities provided by smartphones and the internet to become unstoppable entrepreneurs.I graduated from UC Davis in 2006. Today, I get to go back and talk to students about entrepreneurship. Back when I was in school, this didn’t exist. During my years there, the career and internship center had nothing business or tech-related. It was all agriculture. We didn’t even have a business degree; it was managerial economics. As a reference point, Facebook didn’t open to the public until 2006. LinkedIn wasn’t a thing with only 4.2 million members, and Twitter had just launched as SMS microblogging. That’s how early tech was from what we know it today. We were the last of a pre-laptop college generation; the iPhone didn’t exist. We had Nokia bricks. Nextel with walkie-talkie features were a thing. Hell, this was just after pagers in high school. People still had landlines in dorms. Today, anyone has access to anyone, and everyone has social profiles everywhere. How cool is that? Being an entrepreneur today just requires a smartphone and internet. You have multiple channels to upload content that can all be taken on a device that you carry around with you everywhere. A little over two years ago, I responded to a post on Indiehackers about a project he was working on. We’re business partners now, but due to the pandemic, we are still yet to meet in person. I have friends all over the world now via LinkedIn. That’s cool. So this next generation has access I could only dream of 20 years ago. The vast majority of them don’t know how to leverage it yet. But when they figure it out, they are going to be unstoppable. The next big business idea is going to be born out of that generation, and they will 100% disrupt markets through organic community. #marketing #strategy

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