The Power of Price: A Value Shopper’s Wishlist on eBay

– The person enjoys saving items on eBay that they find cool, but they do not actually intend to purchase them.
– They have a love for creating wishlists and would consider buying almost anything if the price is extremely low.
– The person identifies as a value shopper and believes that price is the most influential factor in making a purchase decision.Focus on offering competitive prices and discounts to attract value shoppers and drive sales in the ecommerce market.I save things on eBay that I think are cool but have no intention of buying. I love a good wishlist. If the price was extremely low, I’d buy almost anything. There’s a price for me where I find value in things. I’m a value shopper. I don’t think I’m alone. The biggest lever you can pull is price. If you’re a young company or an old established company, the product in hand should always be your goal. #ecommerce #discounts #customerjourney

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