The Power of Multi-Use Coupon Codes in Customer Journeys

– Multi-use coupon codes are beneficial for stores as they eliminate the need to wait for sales and incentivize customers to make purchases.
– The customer in the example made two orders within a short period of time, totaling $197.34, which is close to the estimated customer lifetime value (LTV) of $200.
– This customer journey, which focuses on removing sales bias and promoting repeat purchases, is seen as the future of the customer journey in marketing and ecommerce.Implement multi-use coupon codes to incentivize customers to make repeat purchases and increase their lifetime value.I’m a huge believer in multi-use coupon codes for stores that sell products people would buy. It removes the need to wait for a sale, chase after discounts, and empowers people to have an incentive to purchase as soon as they can test a product and buy more. I just saw something come in that is starting to become the norm. My first order was $68.64 for 4 items, one of them being a pack. I ordered it on August 23rd and it was delivered on August 25th. My second order was on August 28th for a 7 pack, which cost $128.70. That’s a combined total of $197.34. Our estimated “LTV” for a customer is $200. So basically, the LTV hit in just 5 days. This customer journey removes bias of sales and promotes repeat purchases. This is the future of the Customer Journey. #marketing #ecommerce #customerjourney

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