The Power of Data Collection in Ecommerce Marketing

– Data collection provides valuable insights into customer preferences and priorities.
– The information gathered through data collection can inform marketing strategies and website updates.
– Businesses should not delay in implementing data collection methods and should actively seek customer input.Start collecting data from your potential customers through email sign-ups to gain insights and improve your marketing strategies.Data is foundational. It’s a weird feeling when you create your first multi-step sign-up form and, about a month later, you realize that you have a pretty clear understanding of what your potential customers prefer, what matters most to them, and other new information that was previously impossible to collect without actually talking to them. Ad copy is being rewritten, website product pages are being updated, marketing plans are being created, and all the data collection was done during the course of normal business through the email sign-up. It’s not a question of if data collection is helpful, but rather, why are you waiting? Just ask. #ecommerce #zeropartydata #marketing

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