The Overemphasis on Branding in Marketing: Does It Really Matter?

– The design team is focused on brand guidelines and voice, but they may not have direct knowledge of customer preferences or revenue generation.
– Design is subjective and often driven by internal ego rather than customer preferences.
– Customer research and focusing on factors that matter, such as product information and website navigation, may be more important than brand and brand voice.Focus on customer research and prioritize elements that directly impact revenue, such as product photos, product information, website navigation, getting clicks on ads, and conversion rate, rather than spending excessive time and resources on branding and brand voice. Experiment with unique approaches to stand out in a market where everything starts to look the same.”Our design team is very particular about our brand guidelines and brand voice. This is usually the same brand team that has never talked to a customer, doesn’t know unit economics, and loves the idea of having final say over anything customer-facing. It’s also a team not directly responsible for revenue. I’ll pause there for a second. I always chuckle to myself when I hear this. I’ve seen these meetings, I’ve been part of these meetings. There is a brand agency, a whiteboard, mood boards, inspiration boards, different colors, different fonts, the whole nine yards. If it’s an internal team, they want to be different, for whatever reason, it’s an ego thing where they need the stamp on things, even if it’s complete shit and makes no sense. (This is more common than you think) The problem is that design is subjective and designed ultimately by well-intentioned internal people rather than those that purchase from you. In fact, I’d bet that most people that purchase from you could care less about your font, logo colors, or the style you write in, let alone the empty words you use in your copy of flowery language. Yet, somewhere in the halls of everything marketing, someone decided that brand is everything.

What matters more?
– Product Photos
– Product Information
– Website Navigation
– Getting a Click on an Ad
– Conversion Rate

This list could go on for a while. If we spent as much time as we did on branding research on customer research and focused on things that mattered, perhaps we’d realize that brand and brand voice don’t matter as much as we think. We’ve seen a problem where “best practices” have led to something really interesting. Landing pages start to look the same. Ads start to look the same. Packaging starts to look the same. Emails all look the same. Product pages all look the same. It all starts to look the same. In a sea of everything looking the same, sometimes we might want to buck the trends and try something to stand out. Start by testing on things that you can isolate from the main website. Landing Pages, Pop Ups, Emails, etc. #marketing #ecommerce #strategy

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