The New Wave of Ecommerce: Less is More for Success

– The new wave of ecommerce will be led by operation experts.
– Brands need to focus on controlling costs and market forces to increase margin and profit.
– Shifting focus to controllable elements will drive growth and result in more revenue, brand recognition, and profit.Focus on controlling elements that you can, such as revenue, resources, brand recognition, and profit, rather than obsessing over things that you have little control over in the ecommerce industry.The new wave of e-commerce is going to be led by operation experts. Less will be more across the board. Less creatives. Less emails. Less SMS. Less SKUs. Less discounting. Less staff. It has to be because brands don’t have real control over the cost of goods, cost of shipping, and cost to acquire a customer. This, in turn, means it becomes harder to control margin and profit. These are all driven by market forces that a brand has very little actual control over. As soon as you realize this, it will fundamentally change the way you look at the sector as a whole. The results will be more revenue, more time to focus resources, more brand recognition, and more profit. We’ve been operating with this model for the last few years, and it’s been incredibly successful. Obsession on things that you can control over elements that you can’t will drive growth. The shift is already here; those slow to realize it will be hit harder than those that can adjust. #ecommerce #data #strategy

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