The Ineffectiveness of Nurturing Campaigns in Influencing Purchases

– Nurturing campaigns may not have a significant impact on purchase decisions.
– Information provided in nurturing campaigns should be easily accessible on the website.
– Instead of assuming customers’ intentions, it is important to ask them specific questions to understand their stage in the buying journey.Ask customers what made them sign up in order to understand their stage in the buying journey and the specific problem they are trying to solve.Does nurturing really exist? There are a lot of people who put together drip campaigns around the idea of nurturing a lead. I’ve never known a nurturing campaign to influence my purchase decision. In fact, most of the information in a nurturing campaign should probably be easily accessible on your website. Your “nurturing campaign” didn’t make me purchase. I came to your website and I signed up because I was contemplating your product. Rather than speaking at me, most people could probably just ask me one question: What made you sign up today? This would tell you the stage I was at in the buying journey. The problem we have is that we assume everyone who signs up wants to make a purchase or, in the case of software, is ready to make a purchase. Most of the time, though, people are still in the discovery and evaluation period. A nurture campaign never fixes that. There’s a specific reason that people decide to sign up and an even more specific problem they are trying to solve that usually isn’t obvious. Otherwise, they would have just purchased. #marketing #customerjourney

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