The Importance of Zero Party Data Collection for Ecommerce

– Zero party data collection is important for ecommerce businesses and can have a significant impact on various aspects such as ads, emails, and website layout.
– Working with experts in zero party data can help businesses make informed decisions and improve long-term ROI.
– Finding the right partner for zero party data collection can lead to significant changes in a brand’s approach and decision-making process.Allocate budget to working with experts in zero party data collection to maximize the impact on your business and improve long-term ROI.The progression of zero-party data collection for e-commerce…

1. What is zero-party data? Do we need to be collecting it?
2. Okay, so we should be collecting it. Do we need different apps for quizzes, sign-ups, and post-purchase?
3. Okay, we have three apps: one for quizzes, one for sign-ups, and one for post-purchases. But now we have three apps.
4. None of these apps are really good at anything else. Are there free versions or cheap versions we can use to at least start?
5. Okay, there are some built-in versions that are free, but they aren’t very good.
6. Okay, we’re collecting data, but it doesn’t relate to anything. It doesn’t really tell us too much. And now we have to, I guess, create custom journeys via email with it.
7. What’s the point of all this data? I don’t have time to create customer journeys when we’re not sure they will really impact things.
8. God, I wish that ad prices would just come back down so I don’t have to do all this extra work and manage all these extra tools.

Jon’s thoughts – You should be collecting zero-party data. You need a partner to do it right that can help you with your forms, what data to collect, and how to understand and view that data. Get your feet wet and try a bunch of things out, but at the end of the day, this is an entire space of specialization that requires experts to help you get the most out of your decision. Zero-party data collection is more important than your ads, your emails, your product pages, your website layout, etc. BECAUSE IT INFLUENCES ALL OF THEM. So if you’re spending more than $60k+ a month on ads, allocate budget to working with experts in zero-party data to roll out changes that can materially impact your entire business. Your long-term ROI will be nuts when you can stop guessing, stop creating content that doesn’t resonate, and can measure content and ads based on intent-based signals that Facebook and Google can’t track. This transition can be easy; you just need the right partner for the job. In the first month of working with us, brands change their entire approaches backed by data for all the decisions. It’s amazing what happens when you just ask. #ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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