The Importance of Welcome Emails in Email Marketing

– 50 out of 150 email newsletter lists did not send a welcome email, causing the author to be unaware of their subscription.
– The author subscribed to the same list twice because they did not receive the expected amount of emails the first time.
– Only 3 out of the 150 lists asked relevant questions during the sign-up process, highlighting the importance of attention to detail in email marketing.Improve email newsletter sign-up process by sending a welcome email to new subscribers and personalizing the subject line to stand out.I signed up for around 150 email newsletter lists yesterday as part of a test. Fifty of them didn’t send me a welcome email, so I wouldn’t have known that I subscribed. To be honest, I subscribed to the same list twice because the first time I didn’t receive nearly as many emails as I expected. Yes, it was frustrating, yes, I spent too much time on it, and yes, I don’t plan on repeating this test. Some of them only sent me emails when I used their popup instead of their footer subscription link. I learned this the hard way. Only three out of the 150 asked me any relevant questions during the sign-up process. The difference between success and failure lies in the details. The emails didn’t even need to be great; they just needed to confirm that the subscription was successful and that they were genuine. Out of those 50, 45 had the word “Welcome” in their subject line. There is so much low-hanging fruit to make them more unique and stand out. Despite the standardization that exists in ecommerce, many stores would do better by not simply copying everyone else. #marketing #ecommerce

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