The Importance of Understanding Customer Usage for Product Positioning

– The experience and benefits of a product go beyond solving a pain point and differentiate it from others.
– Customer reaction and usage of a product are more important than brand perception or assumptions.
– Understanding how customers are using a product is crucial for effective positioning and marketing.The key action item is to reach out to customers and ask how they are using the product in order to understand how to position it effectively.The pain point you’re solving for doesn’t matter. The experience and the benefits of the product beyond solving that pain point are what separate your product from others. It’s not what the brand hypes, it’s how the customer uses it. It’s not what the brand thinks, it’s the customer’s reaction to it. It’s not what you think it should be used for, it’s what the customer finds the best use for it. The best way to understand how to position your product is to ask how your customers are using it. Reach out, you’d be surprised how often it’s not what or how you thought. Yet, I continue to hear people say “We know why our customers buy our products.” Then they hyper-focus on things that turn out to be wrong a lot of the time or at least incomplete. Unless you’ve talked to all of them, you don’t. If you’ve narrowed this down to one or two reasons, I’m sorry, but you’re going to be wrong because not everyone has the same reasoning, life experience, past experiences, and goals. #marketing #customerjourney #ecommerce

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