The Importance of Product Appearance in Conversions

– A visually appealing website does not guarantee more conversions.
– Many websites focus on highlighting certain aspects of a product rather than addressing customer questions.
– People often make decisions based on the appearance of a product, so it is important to have great product shots and a descriptive description.Focus on creating visually appealing product shots and providing detailed descriptions that answer customers’ main questions in order to increase conversions.A pretty website doesn’t mean more conversions. Far too many websites write descriptions of products not based on the questions a customer has, but on what they want to highlight in a product instead. Yet, what most people don’t want to admit is that we’re all really playing Tinder when it comes to products. We want them to look good, and only after that happens do we read the details and decide if we want to reach out. However, the vast majority of people make their decisions based on looks alone. The website can be ugly, but the product shots need to be great, and that next level down of a description should tell the story that people need to get all their main answers satisfied. If you don’t, it’s on to the next product pretty quickly. #marketing #ecommerce #strategy

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