The Importance of Proactive Strategies in Ecommerce Marketing

– New pixels are being introduced to solve attribution issues in ecommerce platforms.
– Most brands are reactive rather than proactive in making changes, which can lead to compounding errors.
– Building systems and processes, as well as implementing data-driven strategies, are essential for success in ecommerce.Build systems and processes aimed at solving for the fundamentals of ecommerce by collecting and analyzing data, and developing strategies that can be measured with dashboards and data.I’ve been seeing a lot of platforms talking about new pixels that solve attribution. I think this is a great first step and everyone should do it. However, I do think that it just puts most brands back to where they were, not where they need to be going. And this is a huge difference. Most ecommerce brands don’t make changes until they start feeling pain in something they were doing that loses effectiveness. Everything they do is reactive rather than proactive. This is a compounding error. When you operate in a reactive manner, it’s like rehab after an injury. It takes time to shift and build back strength and to move on. The road sucks, and you have to retrain on things that used to just work. When you’re proactive, you build strength, agility, and are often more well-rounded. So when you go to do that activity that would cause you pain, most of the time you’re strong enough to avoid serious injury. Today, if you’re in ecommerce, all the hacks, tricks, and tools won’t be able to solve the fundamentals. Those fundamentals require more data than you currently have access to. You have to build systems and processes aimed at solving for this. Dashboards and data are great, but ultimately it’s going to come down to building strategies that you can measure with those dashboards and data. Sitting on data collection and strategy is like deciding not to work out for months before playing in a professional-level game. You’re going to get hurt eventually. #marketing #data #ecommerce

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