The Importance of Post-Click Optimization in Media Buying

– The success of a media buying campaign is not solely dependent on the ads or strategy, but also on factors such as product market fit, proper product pages, great reviews, trustworthy website, product differentiation, complete information on pages, and good branding.
– Click-through rates alone do not guarantee sales, and brands should focus on other parts of the customer journey to ensure a successful outcome.
– Many brands prioritize conversion at all costs, but neglect important aspects such as providing comprehensive information and creating a seamless customer experience.Design an actual customer journey that focuses on providing complete information, building trust, and creating a seamless experience, rather than solely focusing on pushing for a sale.The best media buyers have outsized results not because of their ads or strategy but because of everything that comes afterwards. Here’s what really impacts a successful media buying campaign:

1. Product Market Fit
2. Proper Product Pages
3. Great Reviews
4. Trustworthy and Professional Website
5. Product Differentiation
6. Complete Information on Pages
7. Good Branding

None of these things require “more creatives”. This is the iceberg analogy: the ad or the creative is the tip of the iceberg. What makes the ad successful or not is everything that comes after it. When you start doing intent-based modeling, all of a sudden it becomes clear that most brands are focusing on the wrong parts of the customer journey.

Getting a really high click-through rate only tells you that the audience is a good fit and the creative is working. But if nothing else comes from that click-through rate and it doesn’t translate to sales, then you have to start looking at other parts of the journey. The greatest ad in the world doesn’t matter if the rest of the journey doesn’t make sense, isn’t well thought out, and doesn’t lead to the intended result.

The problem is we assume that everyone who clicks an ad is looking to purchase, but they aren’t. Yet we only design pages with the intent of pushing towards a sale. Why? Making a purchase on an e-commerce website is an easy experience most of the time. The hard part is knowing which product is good for you and having all the information in one place to make the decision to make the purchase. Yet nearly every brand skips these parts.

The focus on conversion at all costs is actually hurting the one rate that people would like to increase. You build a website for new customers, not existing ones. Existing ones know what they are looking for and go straight to it. I’d challenge more brands to go against the grain here, to boldly step out and check their customer journeys and ask, “Am I designing an actual customer journey or a company journey that is only interested in the end result of a sale?” #ecommerce #marketing #strategy

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