The Importance of Marketing Fundamentals in E-commerce

– Luck plays a significant role in e-commerce.
– Businesses need to focus on conversion rate optimization and have a thorough understanding of marketing fundamentals.
– Ad creative is not the key to improving results, and many ads are not properly created or entertaining.Focus on improving conversion rate optimization across all landing pages, product pages, homepages, warranty pages, guarantee pages, shipping pages, and order pages to see better results in advertising efforts.It’s surprising just how much luck plays a role in e-commerce. If you’re a business trying to solve for CAC and AOV, here are some hard truths. You’re likely spending too much time on ads. If you do not have the fundamentals of conversion rate optimization in place, at least at a basic level across all of your landing pages, product pages, homepages, warranty pages, guarantee pages, shipping pages, order pages, etc., you’re simply not going to see the results that you want out of your ads. They can’t say the customer journey is complicated; however, it’s not as complicated as it requires multiple different individual points that all need to come together and work together. It’s like the steps of building a Lego castle; you can go in whatever order you want, but sometimes it’s easier if you go in the order suggested. I can’t tell you how many phone calls I have with people who think that changing their ad creative is the key to improving their results. When, in fact, the ad creative usually has the least amount to do with anything happening with the purchase. The goal of an ad is to introduce me to something new or to change my mind about something that I already use. Yet 99% of ads follow the same format that’s geared towards solving a problem of mine, relying on algorithms, trying to put them in front of people who are most likely to purchase. This isn’t marketing. In fact, I’d wager that 90% plus of all ads I see just aren’t entertaining nor properly created to actually achieve what they should be created for. I constantly see ads that shouldn’t exist. Yet, continually, people spend money to create and publish them, hoping for a result over 2x ROAS. This is like building a house on a cliff that’s sliding on a cracked foundation. I hate to keep harping on fundamentals, but every call I have, it’s become clear that the majority of people out there, even the successful ones, lack a thorough understanding of business fundamentals, specifically around marketing. In today’s world, I can assure you that what’s good is becoming commoditized; the only thing that’s going to matter is marketing and understanding the customer journey. This will manifest itself with the requirement for more built-out and more complete knowledge pages. I don’t see any other way. #ecommerce

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