The Importance of Data in Marketing and Decision Making

– The author has never encountered a job or client where the data supported the narrative being pitched.
– Marketers should be able to use data to justify decisions or actions.
– It is important to have a way to measure results, even if it cannot be done in raw numbers.Ensure that decisions and actions in marketing are backed by data or have alternative ways to measure their effectiveness.In all the years I’ve been working, there hasn’t been one job I’ve had or client I’ve worked with where the narrative they were pitching was easily backed by data. In fact, most of the time, the data was saying something different. That’s saying a lot. As marketers, it should be really easy to point to and use data to justify a decision or an action to be taken. I’m all for creativity, but if you can’t measure it in raw numbers, at least have an understanding of another way to measure it. Everything is a test, and all tests come with grades. #data #ecommerce #marketing

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