The Importance of Data Collection in Ecommerce Strategy

– The framework involves implementing baseline elements, removing email as a low-hanging fruit, and focusing on nailing the offer during the second wave.
– The framework emphasizes the importance of data collection and using it to make informed decisions and improve results across all customers.
– Many companies get stuck at the first wave and neglect important elements such as product pages, landing pages, and data collection.Prioritize data collection and customer insights to drive decision making and improve results in e-commerce.This is the exact framework I use when I work with any company.

First Wave – Baseline elements in place
Second Wave – Removes email as it’s low-hanging fruit and just needs to be present to have an impact
Third Wave – Removes the offer as that’s the first thing to nail during the second wave and there’s only so much room you have to make an offer profitable – check your unit economics
Fourth Wave – Removes Ads because if you have the right data and you’re using it on the product pages, landing pages, and you’ve formatted your offer properly, your ads don’t actually matter as much as you think. You should be converting a good majority of the traffic based on data-first decisions.
This can go deeper where the 5th Wave would likely remove landing pages as your traffic turns more organic and your product pages more closely resemble landing pages similar to Amazon A+ pages.
Then you go back to the first step to improve all the elements based on data collection so you can isolate who is more likely to convert and how to improve the results across all your customers that signed up with intent and told you what they were looking for at the highest point of intent before making a purchase.
You see the constant in all this and the prioritization shift? Data Collection (aka Customer Insights relevant to purchasing decisions) goes from something most people aren’t doing well currently to the leading driver of decision making past step 1.
Should it be your first prioritization if you don’t have the basics in place? No. Get those in place first.
Once you have those in place though, if you’re not using intent data collection to make your decisions and streamline your work across all the other touchpoints, you’re doing extra work and sacrificing efficiency.
Most stores really get stuck at the First Wave, stuck testing offers and ads and not paying attention to product pages, landing pages, and of course data collection.
I’m serious, we see this across all our clients, an obsession with short-term hits of sugar high around revenue without a focus on all the baseline elements.
This stuff is complicated. Not going to lie, it’s not as simple as the chart there as there are multiple parts of all those individual bubbles, but if you put in the work upfront, the bubbles reduce, focus narrows, optimization begins.
That’s why we have more than 5,000 words of just checklists around some of these touchpoints before we even start using data collection to build systems that just work. If you’re crushing it right now, keep it up, but if you’re numbers aren’t where they need to be and you’re stuck on the hamster wheel of ads and offers, it’s probably time for a change. #ecommerce #datacollection #strategy

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