The Importance of Data Collection in Ecommerce Marketing

– The author criticizes bad agencies in ecommerce and their high fees for placing ads and creating emails.
– They emphasize that individuals can learn to place ads and create emails themselves in a short amount of time.
– The author highlights the importance of data collection and understanding customer journeys in order to drive results in ecommerce.Audit your agency’s decisions and leverage data more appropriately to drive results.I hate bad agencies in e-commerce, and there are tons. I see companies paying $2k-$5k+ per month to have someone place their ads for them or create emails for them. This is insane. Some even charge a percentage of sales where attribution is miserable across the landscape. You can learn to place ads by yourself in less than a few hours. An email with a few typos will get more replies. Once you have a good format, you can just duplicate ads and change audiences as needed. The same goes for emails; most of the time, it’s new people getting them, especially in flows. Budgets and goals are simple. Sending scheduled campaigns is equally simple. You don’t need crazy good-looking stuff either; it blends in. Creative can be done in Canva in less than 20 minutes for multiple variations. Emails can be drafted on the platform in less than 20 minutes as well. The hardest part of media buying TODAY is knowing what’s working or what’s not working and where the gaps are across the journey. The hardest part about sending emails TODAY is not selling and actually entertaining an audience relative to what they like. Guess what data collection solves for when leveraged correctly? BOTH OF THESE. I feel like a broken record at this point, yet some of you are reading my content for the first time, so I’ll keep on pushing the narrative of how important data collection is. Ask your team how they do research, then realize how much of the research has nothing to do with closing the customer feedback loop. IT’S SILLY. Revenue doesn’t come from an ad or email. It comes from a product with product-market fit that is discovered by a target audience who goes through a journey to make a purchase. Your job is to create things that appeal to that audience. Most of the decision-making doesn’t happen on the website; that’s why the best websites in e-commerce convert at less than 10%.

Look, not all tools are created equal, not all agencies are created equal. Sometimes you need someone with the tool and the experience to train your outsourced help on how to leverage data more appropriately to drive results. We get it, that’s what we’re here for. It’s the reason we build what we build. So let’s audit your agency’s decisions! They love it when someone is brought in to ask about their process. Let’s uncover insights directly from your subscribers during their highest point of intent. Let’s create hypotheses and let’s test them. If you’re not improving you’re regressing. And worse than that is guessing until you get lucky. #marketing #strategy #ecommerce

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