The Importance of Data Collection in Ecommerce Email Signups

– The current way of evaluating ecommerce email signups is limited to just collecting email addresses and phone numbers.
– Email lists in ecommerce can generate a significant portion of a brand’s revenue, but many subscribers may never open emails or convert.
– Switching to multistep signups with live data collection can provide valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, leading to smarter decision making and improved conversion rates.Switch to multistep signups with live data collection using Formtoro to gather more information about why someone is signing up and improve conversion rates.The current way of evaluating an ecommerce email signup is… Did they sign up with an email? Did they sign up with a phone number? That’s it. Yet, people will tell you how important an email list is, but they just can’t tell you why someone signed up, what matters to them, the rate at which signups convert, how the answers provided are more or less likely to make them convert, the source of that signup down to the ad, or pretty much anything else about your highest intent soon-to-be customers. Subscribed visitors can make up 70% of a brand’s revenue, both new and repeat. So here are some other facts about email lists in ecommerce: 50% will never open an email at all. 80% will likely never convert. 100% of the time, you’re missing out on an opportunity to grab context as to why someone is signing up if you don’t ask questions during signup. 12 hours, that’s the time between signup and conversion for 75% of all people that will convert. So, wait, it’s like super important? Yeah, it is, yet we completely ignore it as marketers and just accept it as a blunt instrument to collect and spam. So, for the past nearly 2 years, I’ve been talking about how one switch of your approach can lead to smarter decision making and improve leverage over your current spend. Switching to multistep signups with live data collection using Formtoro does the following: Gives you at least a data point beyond an email or SMS on 99%+ of people that sign up BEFORE they open a single email. Presents you with things that matter to your signup so you can ensure they have all the things necessary in their journey to convert at a higher rate. Provides context as to which data combinations lead to the highest conversions and revenue so you can build ad creatives, landing pages, and product pages speaking directly to that audience to maximize your chances of conversion. Bonus, after 90 days, we can tell you which combinations will lead to the highest repeat purchase rates as well, so we can find those people while you’re running your ads, hell use them as a lookalike audience. This isn’t a gimmick like cashback signups, this is data-first adulting business stuff. It’s not about ROAS it’s not about attribution as none of those things matter, it’s about tying intent data to financial outcomes and mapping a customer journey. Yes it sucks, you’re going to need to check your ego, change your mind, consider doing things a different way, and quite possibly you’ll need to rethink what’s possible. But eventually events and cookies are going to be completely blocked and the sooner you move to models that leverage visitor data directly shared with you, the better off you’ll be. Privacy isn’t going away, it’s accelerating. #privacy #ecommerce #data

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