The Importance of Customized Marketing Channels for Customers

– The perception of what is the best marketing tool varies among individuals and companies.
– It is important to give customers a choice in how they prefer to be contacted (email, phone, etc.) and what kind of offers they would like to see.
– Timing, relevance, channel, and message are crucial factors in effective communication with customers.Acknowledge that different customers have different preferences and provide them with a choice of communication channels and offers.Email is the best. Ads are the best. SMS is the best. Sure, but for which customers? As a marketing industry, we’ve trained ourselves to hype up the things that we use as our tools or specialty. The reality is, what we think is the best doesn’t matter. The above is a great example of people thinking they are talking about the Customer Journey when in reality they are really talking about the Company Journey. Great example, why do we ask for emails then phone numbers? Why wouldn’t we just ask which they would prefer instead and give people a choice of providing one or the other or both? Why not ask people the kinds of offers they’d like to see? Why not provide an experience that is more like a children’s book introducing your brand than nothing but “buy my stuff”? No, emails aren’t the best for everyone. No, ads aren’t the best for everyone. No, SMS isn’t the best for everyone. The reality is, everyone is different. Timing, relevance, channel, and message are all very important when it comes to communicating with potential customers or existing ones. There is no one answer, but a great step forward would be acknowledging that they all actually have to work together. #marketing #customerjourney #ecommerce

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