The Importance of Customer Retention in Ecommerce

– Customer retention is dependent on the product or company being worth buying from again.
– Sales earned through discounts are not genuine sales, but rather a way to clear out stock.
– Understanding the three levers of ecommerce (cost, price, and CAC) is crucial for effective marketing and customer journey.

Focus on creating a product or company that is worth buying from again to ensure customer retention.

If a customer doesn’t buy the first time, they can’t buy a second time. Retention only exists if the product or company is worth buying from again.

A sale earned by chasing people with discounts isn’t a real sale; it’s clearing out stock.

I’m confident that most people don’t understand the three levers that can be pulled and balanced in e-commerce: cost, price, and CAC.

Because it seems like logically we’re all chasing the lowest, highest, lowest in that order.

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